VoIP equipment, SIP calls, IP PBX in Papua New Guinea

PBX Distribution in Papua New Guinea

Amboya is a value-added re-seller of IP PBX solutions, VoIP and hybrid PBX, single location and multi-branch phone systems, on-premise, and in data-centers virtual phone systems and multi-tenant PBX in Papua New Guinea.

VoIP PBX systems distributed & installed by Amboya in Papua New Guinea, include:

  • PBX Software
  • Cloud PBX Solution
  • Softphone – mobile application for Apple & Android
  • Multi-Tenant PBX 
  • VNF PBX 
  • PBX Appliances
  • Hotel Phone Systems 
  • Virtual PBX
  • Hosted PBX 
  • Business IP Phones
  • VoIP Gateways
  • IP PBX for the Call Center

PBX systems distributed & installed by Amboya in Papua New Guinea are intended for all kinds of industries including Hospitality, Government, Business, Education, and many others.

Amboya is an official integrator, sales & service provider of VoIP PBX systems in Papua New Guinea. 

    Supported IP Phones:

    Softphone for PBX

    Cloudphone - Softphone mobile App

    Softphone for iOS & Android

    Features of Multi-tenant Cloud PBX platform distributed by Amboya:

    • Cloud platform, for hosted PBX providers & multi-branch enterprise.
    • Complete hosted PBX platform.
    • Manages multiple Virtual PBX instances.
    • Resellers management.
    • Optimized resource consumption.
    • Easy to start, simple to manage.

    Cloud PBX Platform for:

    Service Providers PBX

    IP PBX for Service Providers:

    • Carriers
    • Hosted PBX service providers
    • Multi-branch enterprise
    Business PBX

    IP PBX for Business Users:

    • Business users from SOHO to enterprise (via service providers)
    • Large enterprise managing multiple divisions/branches
    • Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Motels)

    Get In Touch

    Contact details & address in Papua New Guinea:

    PO Box 2937, BOROKO 111, NCD,
    Papua New Guinea
    Tel: +675-7845 0277  | +675-7683 1777

    Solutions distributed in Papua New Guinea include:

    • Telecom
    • Homeland Security
    • Cyber Security, IT
    • Networking & Storage Solutions
    • Energy & Power Systems
    • BVLOS UAV – Autonomous Drones Systems

    We work with the best partners & vendors including:

    Xorcom IP PBX, Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX, Multitenant PBX, VoIP equipment;

    Radwin Point-to-Multipoint solutions, Point-to-Point solutions, Radwin Backhaul,  Base stations & subscriber Units.

    CopterpixPro Autonomous Drones – BVLOS UAV advanced systems.

    Cisco Network Equipment, other solutions, please see full list of vendors.

    To get a quote or other enquires please contact us:

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