Quality broadband connectivity for efficient mining operations, video surveillance in mining sites

RADWIN for Mining industry in APAC, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam
Mining Radwin PtMP

Wireless Connectivity & high definition video surveillance for the Mining industry

Mining companies today, are looking to improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity and increase overall safety at mine sites. Research has shown that automation and IT are the means to achieving these targets.

Many companies are already using remote-controlled machinery, monitoring equipment health and looking to implement autonomous haulage and drilling systems. These new systems have created a surge in demand for higher bandwidth connectivity to support video, data and VoIP applications.

Addressing the needs of today’s modern mining companies, RADWIN offers solutions that deliver ultra-high capacity and reliable wireless connectivity to support a range of fixed, nomadic and mobile applications.

Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband connection for underground sites, tunnels, trains, vehicles and vessels.

Wireless Communications Solutions for Mining Industry

RADWIN, the global broadband wireless leader, today announced that RADWIN JET Beamforming Wireless PtMP solutions were deployed by leading mining companies in Australia and Chile to deliver ultra-capacity connectivity in open-pit mines. Now available in APAC countries, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam. Please contact us for more details.

Yossi Nissan, Business Development Director, Strategic Industries​: “Mining companies require high-quality wireless broadband connectivity to improve operational efficiency, thus enhancing productivity and safety. The ever-changing terrain of surface mines makes it very difficult for existing wireless technologies to deliver the required capacity and service levels. RADWIN’s JET Beamforming solution is ideally suited to operate in dynamic mining environments as it continuously adjusts the signal path to guarantee high-level transmission quality. RADWIN JET is already successfully deployed in some of the toughest mining environments in the world, operating in high interference and non-line-of-sight scenarios.”

JET Beamforming delivers up to 750Mbps per base station and up to 3Gbps per cell needed to run multiple applications in open-pit mines including backhaul for LTE and Wi-Fi communication trailers, industrial IoT devices, stackers, reclaimers, dewatering systems and sensors as well as high-definition video surveillance. JET Beamforming’s multi-band support feature (3.3-3.8GHz and 4.9GHz-5.8GHz) assures optimal deployment flexibility; the solution provides outstanding uplink capacity (up to 90%) and SLA for mission critical applications.

Radwin PtMP for Mining Industry

RADWIN JET Improves Operational Efficiency for Tier-1 Mining Companies:


JET Smart Beamforming Point-to-MultiPoint:

  • Up to 1.5Gbps per sector / 6Gbps per cell
  • Bi-directional beamforming antenna
  • Innovative air interface
  • Support 3.4-3.8 GHz or 4.9- 6.0 GHz bands
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • High uplink system gain in limited EIRP, ETSI & FCC
  • 25 dBm transmission power across all modulations
  • High packets-per-second (PPS) for VoIP and CCTV
  • High frequency reuse of 1:2
  • Up to 90% uplink traffic transmission
  • Dynamic channel bandwidth selection (D-CBS)

RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point:

  • High Capacity – up to 750Mbps
  • Long range – up to 120km/ 75miles
  • Dynamic channel bandwidth selection (D-CBS) – maximizing link capacity in congested spectrum
  • Configurable asymmetric capacity
  • Ruggedized IP67 outdoor units

RADWIN FiberinMotion® Mobility:

  • Up to 750Mbps
  • Simultaneously support up to 16 vehicles per sector
  • Wide Area Coverage – up to 5km/ 3miles
  • Multiband – 4.9 – 6.0GHz
  • MIMO3x3/MIMO2x2/Diversity dynamic selection for maximum capacity and quality

RADWIN advantages for mines:

  • Higher effective throughput for bandwidth-demanding applications such as automation, CCTV, VoIP, sensor connectivity and FMS
  • Service Level Assurance (SLA) per sensor and vehicle (truck/shovel/driller/dozer)
  • Higher spectrum efficiency and reduced noise level at the mine site
  • Support of real-time high-quality video transmission (fixed and mobile)
    • Committed uplink capacity – up to 90%
    • Low latency and jitter
  • Unified synchronization, eliminating self-interference
  • High durability with IP67-rated radios
Radio PtMP Mining

Typical mining applications:

  • Backhaul for communication trailers
  • Fleet management connectivity
  • Sensor connectivity (seismic radars, de-watering systems
    and meter reading)
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Reclaimer and stacker automation
  • Tele-operated machinery monitoring and control
Point to Multipoint for Oil Industry

Radwin Product Line distributed by Amboya:

Radwin Point To Multipoint Solutions

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint)

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) base stations & subscriber units distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

Radwin Point To Point Solutions

Radwin Radio PtP (Point to Point) solutions

Carrier-grade Point-to-Point for access and backhaul – distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

Radwin  IDU-S Layer 2 Switch


Layer 2 indoor switch for Radio Point to MultiPoint & Point to Point (PtMP & PtP)


RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions that incorporate advanced technologies to deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions. Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power a range of applications from last-mile connectivity to backhaul.

About Amboya

Amboya is a value-added re-seller of Radwin in APAC, including distribution of  Radwin products in Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam.

Complete portfolio of sub 6GHz Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions and a multi-service Small Cell solution, as well as wireless broadband-in-motion for vehicles, trains and vessels.

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