Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) Smart Beamforming Antenna RADWIN JET, distributed in EMEA and APAC

Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) Smart Beamforming Antenna RADWIN JET, distributed in EMEA and APAC

Distributed by Amboya in APAC , Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam
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Radio PtMT (Point to Multipoint) equipment – RADWIN JET / 5000 Series – video overview. In APAC, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar Thailand, Indonesia Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam Radwin Radio PtMT (Point to Multipoint) systems can be purchased from Amboya, official Radwin reseller, please contact us for more details.

Radwin JET PtMT (Point to Multipoint) Series sets a new standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband. Enabled by RADWIN bi-directional beamforming technology, JET powers the highest industry capacity with the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity. Beamforming solution delivers fiber-like connectivity for residential and enterprise RADWIN JET is a disruptive Point-to-MultiPoint smart beamforming solution, excellent for operation in heavily congested unlicensed and licensed bands where spectrum resources are scarce. Offering up to 750 Mbps per sector, RADWIN JET ensures revenue growth for residential and enterprise service providers by delivering fiber-like connectivity with incomparable resiliency.

What’s unique about Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) with beamforming antennas? Radio Point to Multipoint-Diagram Instead of communicating with subscribers in a given area using a wide beam antenna, the base station communicates with subscribers using a narrow and steerable beam. The narrow antenna beam is electronically steered towards each subscriber without affecting latency. What’s special about RADWIN’s PtMP bi-directional beamforming? Radio PtMP beamforming A bi-directional beamforming antenna is used for both uplink and downlink transmission rather than uplink only.

Radwin Point To Multipoint Solutions

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint)

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) base stations & subscriber units distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

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Carrier-grade Point-to-Point for access and backhaul – distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

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