RADWIN broadband connectivity for transportation industry - ports, buses, rail & metro

RADWIN for transportation industry in APAC, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam
Train Point to Multipoint

RADWIN – wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions

RADWIN is a leading provider of sub-6 GHz wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions that deliver voice, video and data with unmatched high-capacity for long ranges. Deployed in over 170 countries,  RADWIN’s solutions serve the needs of service providers, enterprises, ports, buses and rail and metro operators.

RADWIN’s industry-leading FiberinMotion® train-to-ground solution powers a range of applications including high-speed Wi-Fi for passengers, real- time CCTV, PIS and infotainment services, and CBTC.


RADWIN FIBERinMOTION® for transportation industry overview:

  • RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® train-to-ground communications solution ensures continuous high-speed wireless connectivity between trains or metros and network control centers.
  • RADWIN’s field-proven FiberinMotion® solution is deployed in railway and metro systems worldwide, powering applications such as Wi-Fi for passengers, real time high-definition CCTV, PIS, signaling and more.
  • Operating in challenging outdoor conditions and in underground tunnels, FiberinMotion® complies with railway industry standards and delivers unmatched capacity and long-range coverage.

RADWIN for the transportation industry – video overview:

RADWIN FiberinMotion®  wireless connectivity solution for transportation – applications:

Passenger WiFi

Passenger WiFi 

Most onboard Wi-Fi solutions work over commercial cellular networks. This technology requires low CAPEX but provides limited connectivity due to circumstances beyond the train operators control. For example, commercial cellular network coverage levels can vary, cellular phone users connect directly to cellular cell sites and operators also have to deal with challenging environmental elements such as tunnels and more.
RADWIN uses a dedicated trackside radio solution that provides passengers with uninterrupted, fiber-like onboard Wi-Fi services. This type of solution minimizes OPEX and provides new monitezation opportunities when leveraging upon the infrastructure for additional applications.

Real-Time CCTV

Real-Time CCTV for safety and security of the transportation industry, ports, buses, train & metro

Real-Time CCTV transmission onboard trains helps to identify and resolve safety and security issues before impacting ongoing operations. Today, more and more trains are equipped with high resolution cameras that require high throughput and real-time connectivity to the control room.

Signaling CBTC

Signaling / CBTC, a mission critical application

Communication-based train control (CBTC) is used to improve traffic / mobility management and better control trains by providing accurate visibility regarding the trains location. CBTC is a mission critical application, dependant upon on a robust and secure train-to-ground communications technology.

RADWIN FiberinMotion®  wireless connectivity solution – product portfolio:

Transportation Base Station (TBS)

5 km range
MIMO 3×3
Railway Certified

Transportation Mobile Unit (TMU)

MIMO 3×3
350km/h | 220mph
Seamless Handover
Railway Certified

FiberinMotion® Highlights:

  • FiberinMotion® incorporates a field-proven air interface and advanced technologies. The solution operates in near and
    non line-of-sight (nLoS/NLoS) conditions and in environments where there is high interference.
  • High capacity, up to 500 Mbps per TBS or TMU.
  • Extended coverage per TBS, reducing the number of track-side installations required and saving upon substantial infrastructure costs (e.g. poles, electricity, network) as well as on-going maintenance.
  • Infrastructure requirements are reduced by a typical ratio of 1:5 to 1:15 when compared with other Wi-Fi/mesh Wi-Fi based solutions.
  • Supports train speeds of up to 350 kmh / 220 mph.
  • Seamless handover between radio base stations with a handover time of < 50msec.
  • Fully synchronized network that operates on a common time base for all radio base stations, eliminating potential mutual radio interference. This capability is essential for maintaining high and consistent throughput along all routes and operational scenarios.
  • Low and fixed latency and jitter critical for delay sensitive applications such as video and VoIP.
  • Over-the-air QoS enabling service transmission prioritization with assured SLA.
  • A suite of real-time and offline software analysis applications designed specifically for train and metro operations.

RADWIN FiberinMotion® wireless connectivity solution for transportation – the architecture:

Train Wireless Connectivity Architecture

FIBERinMOTION® Key Features

  • Configurable uplink/downlink bandwidth ratio enabling a variety of services over the same infrastructure.
  • Multi-band radio supporting 4.9 to 6.9 GHz (per relevant regulations). Additional frequency bands are also available including customized options.
  • High reliability – MTBF > 47 yrs.
  • IP-67 radios for operation in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Complies with railways standards including EN50155, EN61373, EN50121 and IEC 60571.
  • Advanced encryption (AES 128).

Overcoming environmental challenges – wireless connectivity solution for tunnels, underground

Operating in challenging environments, FiberinMotion® wireless mobility solution caters to a range of applications including passenger Wi-Fi in underground metro trains, video and data connectivity between off-shore oil rigs and vessels, video transmission to and from patrol vehicles and remote monitoring of autonomous machinery and vehicles in mines and ports.

Uninterrupted connectivity solution for tunnels, underground, vessels, train & vehicles ensures:

  • Broadband train-to-ground connectivity along the entire route.
  • High capacity connectivity for vehicles and vessels in motion.
Wireless connectivity solution for tunnels, underground

Radwin Product Line distributed by Amboya:

Radwin Point To Multipoint Solutions

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint)

Radwin Radio PtMP (Point to Multipoint) base stations & subscriber units distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

Radwin Point To Point Solutions

Radwin Radio PtP (Point to Point) solutions

Carrier-grade Point-to-Point for access and backhaul – distributed by Amboya in APAC countries

Radwin  IDU-S Layer 2 Switch


Layer 2 indoor switch for Radio Point to MultiPoint & Point to Point (PtMP & PtP)


RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions that incorporate advanced technologies to deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions. Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power a range of applications from last-mile connectivity to backhaul.

About Amboya

Amboya is a value-added re-seller of Radwin in APAC, including distribution of Radwin products for transportation industry, ports, buses, train, metro & underground, vessels, & vehicles in Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam.

Complete portfolio of sub 6GHz Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions and a multi-service Small Cell solution, as well as wireless broadband-in-motion for vehicles, trains and vessels.

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