PNG ICT Summit 2021

Amboya Israel welcomes the participants of the NATIONAL ICT SUMMIT 2021.
PBX Solutions in PNG

Amboya has been providing in the PNG market, solutions in the fields of Communications, IT, Cyber, and Security since 2006. Due to the situation, this year we will participate in the ITC online conference.

We will be happy to provide solutions to PNG’s government bodies,  and to the private sector on the topics listed below. Full details and optional solutions will be given upon request.

Amboya wishes success to all the conference participants and thanks to the ICT team for the outstanding performance!

AMBOYA Products and Solutions for Papua New Guinea market:

Access and Connectivity:

  • RADWIN Point to Multi Points  Fast Internet to PNG cities and rural areas at an affordable price.  RADWIN Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) radio solutions address a wide range of wireless connectivity scenarios and meet the growing demand for high-capacity connectivity, required for business, residential and vertical applications. With 1.5Gbps per Sector and 25M-500 Mbps at subscriber premises.
    A Relevant Video:

e-Government Applications

  • e-Filling – online applications, reports, request for information.
  • e-Health
  • e-Education
  • e-Commerce

  Innovative solutions to Digital and Financial Inclusion

  • e-money accounts
  • e-payment
  • e-transfer
  • Micropayment by funds/government

 Digital ID

  • A Digital Identity helps citizens to verify their identity in a safe and secure way, to access government and other services online. It removes the need for individuals and businesses to visit a shopfront with their identity documents – saving time and money.

Disaster & Environmental

  • Seismic Earthquake Early Warning Solution
  • Realtime shake maps Monitoring.
  • Real-time seismic processing and algorithms.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine.
  • Learning (ML) to monitor and tune the system.

 Innovative Solutions to Digital Literacy

  • Future of online education.
  • Online University is a revolutionary learning experience that enables STEM students to maximize their academic achievements.

 Cyber Safety and Cyber Security Services:

  • GRC (Governance risk and compliance)
  • Application Security
  • Information Security infrastructure and cloud
  • IRT (incident response team)
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