Amboya – Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Homeland Security & Power solutions distributor in EMEA and APAC.

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Softphones for IP PBX

Softphones for IP PBX distributed by Amboya are:Softphone application for desktop Mac / Windows Use your extension on your PC or Mac, use your mobile Mac contacts, set do-not-disturb, transfer calls, record...

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IP Phones

IP Phones distributed by Amboya include:Key features of Xorcom IP Phone Series Xorcom IP-PBX with XP series IP phones provides an end-to-end solution for corporate communications. Excellent sound quality – high...

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Discounted Xorcom IP PBX, IP Phones, VoIP equipment Sale

Xorcom IP PBXSpark CXS1000 395$Xorcom IP PBX CXE2000 1755$Xorcom IP PBXCXE3000 2799$Cloud / Hosted IP PBX 5 Extensions starting from 199$Xorcom UC924 Gigabit Color IP Phone 149$Xorcom 921GIP Phone 79$Xorcom UC902SIP Phone 59$Xorcom UC926 Gigabit Color IP Phone...

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