Amboya – Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Homeland Security & Power solutions distributor in EMEA and APAC.

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ITC Summit 2021 PNG Papua New Guinea

Amboya has been providing in the PNG market, solutions in the fields of Communications, IT, Cyber, and Security since 2006. Due to the situation, this year we will participate in the ITC online conference. We will be happy to provide solutions to PNG’s government...

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Softphones for IP PBX

Softphones for IP PBX distributed by Amboya are:Softphone application for desktop Mac / Windows Use your extension on your PC or Mac, use your mobile Mac contacts, set do-not-disturb, transfer calls, record...

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IP Phones

IP Phones distributed by Amboya include:Key features of Xorcom IP Phone Series Xorcom IP-PBX with XP series IP phones provides an end-to-end solution for corporate communications. Excellent sound quality – high...

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