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Amboya – Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Homeland Security & Power solutions distributor in EMEA and APAC.

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Autonomous BVLOS UAV Drone Patrolling System

APS 250 Fully Autonomous Patrolling System Drone-in-a-Box Market game-changer  portable, self recharge, BVLOS ready Drone-in-a-Box; 5 KM perimeter, 10 Square KM coverage; Customer choice over giants, multi-disciplinary team; Strong sales visibility,  DaaS model, More...

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Autonomous BVLOS UAV Drone

The Long-Range Autonomous BVLOS Drone - UAV solution for HLS, military industries, and aerospace industries. Industrial Applications, Surveillance, Professional Aerial Photography Peripherals CPX SDK for easy 3rd  party integrationIDF Tests Results 4th–10th of May...

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Autonomous BVLOS Drones

Award-Winning Autonomous BVLOS Drone solutions for HLS, military industries, and aerospace industries   CopterPIX PRO is Israeli UAV manufacture which specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing unique and advanced UAV solutions for special missions....

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