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Xorcom Small Business IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

While small business IT budget is limited, in today’s work environment it is possible to get customized and modern voice communications in a fraction of the cost of the same capabilities only 10-15 years ago.

As a small business owner, it is good to know the capabilities of modern-day business IP PBX phone systems, which extend far beyond the classic key-systems of the past. Knowing that it is possible to make more out of every interaction with the customer, and making sure the employees are able to provide the best service with the least waste of time.

Small businesses can use both on-premise PBX or Cloud-based hosted PBX.

On-premise system is Xorcom Spark (in basic configuration) hosted PBX setup starts from 5 extensions.

IP PBX / PABX for small business distributed by Amboya include:

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Important Small Business PBX Features

  • Cloud call recording – small businesses can now record an unlimited amount of calls and have them safely and securely without worrying about managing servers and meeting regulation. All calls are encrypted and saved in the cloud.
  • Visual IVR & queues let the small business manager easily understand the business call-flow. With clear visual layout, it is easy to see how a call will be routed once it gets into the system and to make sure there are no “dead ends” in call routing.
  • Smart IP phone provisioning tools reduce the time and cost of setting up a phone system. Small businesses may even be able to add new phones themselves using the PhoneScan provisioning app.
  • Amazing search – CompletePBX global search makes it easy to find and modify things in the system. There is no need to remember menu structures or guess where things are, simply search for any menu item or entity in the system and immediately see all relevant results

Comparison of on-premise PBX Spark CXS1000 and full-featured Virtual PBX

  Spark CSX1000 Complete PBX5 Software
  IPBX Small Business Hosted PBX
Max. capacity (users) 30 up to 5000 users, licensed per amount of extensions
Max. concurrent calls (SIP only) 30 Based on resources
Max. concurrent calls (PRI + FXS) 10
Max. analog ports (FXS, FXO) 16 via gateway
Max. digital ports:    
BRI ISDN 8 via gateway
E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, T1 CAS 1/2** via gateway
Ethernet ports 1 x 100 mb
Mass storage 8 GB
Rapid Recovery No VM snaphot
Internal backup and restore NO VM snaphot
Power supply External
Size 9″
Software CompletePBX5 software,
free upgrade under warranty
CompletePBX VM, available for VMware, Hyper-V and Oracle VirtualBox

Do I need PBX, is My Business a Call Center?

While most businesses do not consider themselves call centers, it is becoming more and more popular for small business to set up their IP PBX phone system with call center capabilities to ensure maximum effectiveness of employees and minimum waiting time for customers. Features like smart queue management, priority VIP customers, dynamic agents, reporting tools, smart multi-layer IVR (auto-attendant) and many more features that used to cost a lot are available today for very affordable pricing.

Therefore, many small businesses with even two or three people that are answering the phone for service or sales now setup this as a small call center with professional management of call flow and proper statistics and real time monitoring that provides the business owner with visibility, so that she can take the right decisions based on data.

Supported IP Phones

Softphone for PBX

Cloudphone - Softphone mobile App

Softphone for iOS & Android

IP Phones for PBX

IP Phones Provisioning

New! Software SIP phone - softphone app for Apple or Android

For only 13,5 $ per year

 Cloudphone Softphone Advnatages:


Softphone PBX
  • Always stay connected
  • Use mobile as an Office PBX extension
  • Voice & video calls
  • Chat
  • Sync contacts
  • Call logs
  • Visual voicemail
  • Do not disturb
  • Calls recording, transfer, conference and hold
  • Allows to use a business number instead of a private one
  • A cost-effective solution

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